10 Questions With Custom Designer, Rhod Wilson Quilino

Rhod Wilson Quilino: An Incredible Custom Shoe Artisan From the Philippines

Born and aloft in the Philippines and now a citizen of Dubai, Quilino consistently knew that he capital to be a custom shoe designer. Now, as he is dispatch into his dreams, you get to apprehend from him about how he got started on that path, his aspirations, and what he is consistently aggressive by. Check it out, and if you are inspired, SHARE IT!

HTCS: Tell us about how you got into customizing shoes? How old were you and what aggressive you to do so?

Rhod: When I was in brand academy I absolutely admired drawings. Traveling to top academy I started to like shoes, and started accession them. As an artisan I consistently capital my shoes to be altered from others. I accept sketches of my own shoe designs adulatory anytime I can body my own. That’s why I accept searched for continued time searching for paints and abstracts that I can use. At first, it not simple to adapt (shoes). I can accomplish the design, but the superior was not absolutely acceptable because of the paint. I started with balloon and error, but afterwards several trials, assuredly I got the appropriate materials. That’s if I started customizing shoes.

Sometimes you charge to yield the risk. It is not consistently perfect. We all started from the bottom. It’s like a game, if you lose, there’s consistently a next time. Keep on practicing.

HTCS: Do you anticipate that abounding humans are afraid to adapt their own shoes for abhorrence of messing up, or because they don’t anticipate that they are an “artist” per se? What do you say to those people?

Rhod: I’m guilty! haha. Like others, at first, I’m afraid of messing up an big-ticket shoe, but anticipate of it, how can I body added blockhead shoes if I am not traveling to alpha with this. It’s a amount of win or lose. Sometimes you charge to yield the risk. It is not consistently perfect. We all started from the bottom. It’s like a game, if you lose, there’s consistently a next time. Keep on practicing.

HTCS: What do you anticipate the shoe custom apple is in charge of?

Rhod: A lot of acknowledgment I think. Because, if an artisan makes an artwork and no one sees its nonsense. Just like painting in canvas they charge exhibits.

HTCS: Top 3 admired shoes of all time!?

Rhod: Kobe’s, Jordan’s, and Roshe runs.

HTCS: What capital food do use if customizing? (specific paints, brushes, etc.)

Rhod: Angelus products, any brush.

HTCS: Where do you get your afflatus if customizing?

Rhod: I’m accepting afflatus on what is trending, on advertising and dope. If I am customizing shoes I consistently anticipate of altered design, and to accomplish abiding no one fabricated it afore me.

HTCS: If you had one wish, what would it be?

Rhod: I wish to be a artisan of a shoe company.

HTCS: Where are you from and how has your ambiance afflicted your art?

Rhod: I’ve accelerating from the University of the East Caloocan Bachelor of Fine Arts, but I lived in Manila. I admired sketches, assets and paintings back I’ve been in brand school. I consistently participate in altered art competitions nationwide.

HTCS: How abundant time does it usually yield you to adapt a brace of shoes?

Rhod: It depends on the architecture the chump needed. Sometimes, if it’s just a basal custom like alteration collapsed colors it’s just yield 2-3weeks, but if it is a accomplished shoes and actual abundant customization like images it takes about a ages for me. 1-2 months maybe for me to ensure the superior and the details.

HTCS: Where has customizing taken you so far? And area do you achievement it leads?

Rhod: So far my community accept advance me to some sites featuring my work, I’ve got a lot of acknowledgment from altered humans and from altered countries. They would like for me to adapt a brace of their shoes.

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